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About Company

EduBridge international project consultancy limited is UK based educational enterprise that offers some services for schools and other educational related organisations in Europe.

We mainly focus on guiding the teachers and staff of schools, NGOs, and universities on effectively implementing and disseminating projects via some services such as teacher training, project writing and implementing, internship and partners finding. We offer customised support to schools, organisations and universities seeking the most suitable type of projects and opportunities according to their profiles and needs. We provide full assistance in achieving maximum performance of the schools, universities, companies and NGO’s. We focus on providing effective international project consultancy services alongside cutting-edge solutions with the whole picture.


If you have an approved project but need support to implement it in any European countries, you can enjoy our organisation support. Our staff has supported many organisations to implement their projects in most European countries successfully.


As EduBridge Project Consultancy Limited, we know the difficulties of writing and managing a project for your organisation.